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My lifelong journey to find my voice has been marked by challenges. From being a spirited child told to quiet down, to navigating the complexities of my queerness, silence seemed to follow me. For years, fear held me back from expressing my thoughts and feelings, but in 2021, sobriety marked a turning point.

Since then, my path has been one of transformation. Through my podcast, gAy A, I not only discovered my own voice but also ignited a spark in others to do the same. Whether your message revolves around your business, brand, identity, or passion, I'm here to guide you in sharing your unique voice with the very people who need to hear it most.

Consider this: Having a Voice and not sharing it is SELFISH!

I'm a seasoned professional with a successful track record in sales, marketing, and administration, and I've embarked on a journey of self-discovery that transformed me into a brave entrepreneur and coach.

Let me share with you how I can make a difference:

Private Coaching to Embrace YOUR Authentic self.

I am here to truly listen to YOU, including the messages between the words, and ask empowering questions that will help you bring out your own voice. Being vulnerable, authentic, and sharing your voice can feel scary, but I believe that everyone has a story to tell and the strength to do it when the time is right for them. Let's chat and discover if you are ready!

One on One Consulting - Your Quick Lane!

After we have identified what YOUR voice is and how you would like to spread your message to the world, I then can consult you on the most effective and empowering ways of achieving your goals. Let me share what didn't work for me before and what is working for me now to save you time, energy, money, and stress!

Let’s get to know one another…

If you've stumbled upon this website, chances are I'm no stranger to you. I've made it my mission to reach those who seek to amplify their voices. Now, it's your turn to share!!!

I'm genuinely excited to connect with you and learn more about your journey, your message, and how you envision sharing it with the world. Let's set up a complimentary phone call, where you'll experience the empowering process of embracing your voice. Together, we'll explore how I can assist you in spreading your message to those who need to hear it most.

Producing and Content Creation

Do you love the idea of starting a podcast, but the idea of learning new software or creating social media content feels scary? Don't worry, I offer a premium done-for-you package where all you have to do is show up for the coaching, consultation, and recordings, and I will handle preparing the rest!

Protect Your Voice with an All-in-One Solution

Do you know you are ready???

The most successful podcasters are people who know this is the natural next step in their journey and are ready to make sure it's an absolute success.

If that is you, you can skip straight to signing up for my 90 Day Premium Program today and save $500!

Let me help you get started right now.

Check Out My Podcast!

I found my voice through podcasting and now it's amplified everywhere I can spread it across the internet! If this queerdo can do it, so can you!

Client Testimonials

Some loving words from clients

Working with Steve... is just fantastic. He brings such a gentle, fun, and supportive energy to his coaching sessions. I love that he works with you in a way that is very understanding and friendly, listening to your concerns and challenges, while helping you figure out solutions that are both realistic and doable. I left our session excited... and feeling so much better and confident.



Teacher, Registered Herbalist AHG, Reiki Master & Traditional Healer at
Cypress Pillar Healing Arts

I'm always impressed with Steve's talent, creativity, and his generosity! He has helped me find my voice in promotional videos and now he's helping me fulfill a dream of launching my own podcast. He is wise and extremely helpful- I look forward to what's to come for us both!



Host of the Upcoming Podcast "Meditations & Reflections with Bridget"

Office: Virtual

Call 941-961-5890



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